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Q- Are your drugs safe?
A- Yes they are. Our drugs come from the US Pharmaceutical Plants ship into Canada and then back to the US to you.

Q- Do I have to have a doctor’s prescription?
A- Yes you do.

Q- Can I have refills on my prescription?
A -Yes you can have up to 3 refills

Q- How much can I order at one time?
A- 90 day supply is the maximum amount

Q How long does it take to get my medication?
A- 7 to 10 business days

Q What happens when I need a refill
A- We will call you 2 weeks before your run out of your medication to remind you that it’s time for us to refill your prescription. At this time your will approve that refill or not. We will not refill a prescription without the patient’s permission.

Q- Can I order generic products for a brand name medication?
A- Yes you can, if available and approved by your Doctor.

Q-How do I pay you?
A- We accept MasterCard, Visa or a personal check.

Q-How are my prescriptions shipped?
A- Your order is shipped Canada Express Post and will arrive at your mailbox within 7 to 10 business days.

Q- Do you have narcotic medications available?
A- Not out of Canada! We will contact a United States pharmacy in an attempt to save you money but this isn’t always possible. No controlled substances are available through any Canadian pharmacy.

Q- From where does my medication come?
A- We have several Pharmacies that we work with internationally. We will search for the best price for you. If the Canadian pharmacies have been cut off by a pharmaceutical company we will give you the option of selecting from a pharmacy in another free world country who will provide exactly the same results.

Q What is the fee for your service?
A- We DO NOT charge you a fee for this service.

Q Is there shipping cost?
A- Yes! $13.00 and that includes insurance on your order.

Q- Is the shipping charge ‘per’ item?
A- No! You can have as many items you need. The shipping charge is ‘per’ order, not ‘per’ item. It will save you money to order multiple items at one time.

Q- When prescriptions for another household member are shipped with mine do they pay a $13.00 shipping charge for their order?
A- No! As long as a single shipment goes to one address there is NO additional charge for the shipment of another persons order.

Q- How do you select the pharmacy from which my prescriptions will come?
A- Each pharmacy whom we refer must be priced as low as possible, ship medications still sealed in their original sealed packages as having been received from the US pharmaceutical company, operate under the watchful eye of a government drug safety organization (like the FDA in the US) and, when you request a supplier outside of Canada, they must be located in a free world democracy.

Q- Why shouldn’t I just select a seller on the internet to make my medication purchase?
A- It rarely saves you money. It offers no assurance of delivery. You have no idea from where it is coming. You have no one to assure you of the legitimacy of your source. We strongly oppose internet purchases of medication unless you select from a known quality pharmacy.

Q- Who is CanScript?
A- We are a professional service who qualifies the source of lower priced prescription medications. We guarantee the delivery and assure you of safety and savings in your medication purchase. This is a FREE service by people dedicated to making the Canadian prices available to Americans and giving them the safety they deserve as well.

Q- Who is Trudy?
A- Trudy is a dedicated service professional whose expertise in seeking lower priced medications is almost legendary. Once you talk to Trudy you’ll appreciate the helpful, understanding and caring influence she has on our entire organization.

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